There are a symptoms of protruding “bones”, “bumps” in the big toes, Valgustep Day, bunion pain, deformity of the big toes

valgustep day

DO YOU HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM? More than 30% of women can’t wear designer shoes and shoes with heels, They are ashamed of their feet, Every new day begins with discomfort and ends with a huge pain.


VALGUSTEP DAY IS THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR THESE THREE PROBLEMS: gently realigns toes to their natural position and eliminates deformation, instantly reduces the daily discomfort of bunion and hammer toe pain, corrects valgus & prevents inflammation of the metatarsophalangeal joints. Valgustep Day can be worn while wearing shoes, helps to reduce pressure and friction on toe area. It is invisible even in summer open-toe-shoes. WHAT IS VALGUSTEP DAY? On a healthy foot a big toe is substantially parallel to the other fingers. A foot performs its excellent support and cushioning function. Valgustep Day refers to a deviation of the big toe outward. Depreciation and supporting function is substantially deteriorated. When valgus has a II-III degree. An anatomy here shows the toe is abruptly broken: bony growth on the big toe; Big toe is bent towards other toes. Depreciation and supporting function are dramatically violated. Severe deformity of the thumb is a common cause of disability in women. WHEN IT’S TIME TO USE VALGUSTEP DAY! You should use a Valgustep Day, if you have platypodia, you always wear narrow shoes and shoes with heels, someone from your family has a Valgustep Day. Valgustep Day will prevent the progression of the disease, and your feet will stay beautiful and healthy for a long time. Initial Valgus. A constant wearing of the Valgustep Day for 3-6 months will correct the distortion and protruding “bones” in the feet will simply be disappeared! An effect is clinically approved. The result remains even after the use the Protector is stopped. Severe deformity of the big toe Valgustep Day restores the correct position of the toe in the foot; even if fingers were crossed and clamped closely; Valgustep Day prevents the progression of the disease and stops the development of the complications: inflammation of the joints, formation of grated and calluses. Loads on the footsteps during walking are distributed properly and pain disappears not only in the fingers, but also in the feet; legs gets tired much less. You can wear normal shoe again, not only an orthopedic shoes. HOW IT WORKS? Made of a pure, safe and very durable silicone gel with… Protector’s silicone gel instantly adapts to the feet anatomy, becoming literally imperceptible on the foot, at the same time it carefully and securely locks the finger in its correct position. Under the pressure, bone returns to the normal position and the big toe becomes parallel to the other fingers. A pain during walking disappears and a shoe no longer deforms your feet and lasts longer. HOW TO USE VALGUSTEP DAY? Simply set the protector on your finger and firmly press it to the skin, then put on your normal shoes. Protector can be worn day and night. It is Invisible in closed-toe shoes, boots, sport shoes. The more time you spend with a protector on the bone, the faster correction of the deformity of the toe is. And the faster valgus passes! One pair is enough for at least one year of use. For most people suffering valgus, this is more than enough to fundamentally solve the problem of a painful bone! COMPARATIVE CHARACTERISTICS OF VALGUSTEP DAY WITH OTHER TREATMENTS OF VALGUS: Orthopedic braces and insoles Volumetric design does not allow using the instep of shoes, so such devices are worn mainly at night, in this way deformed finger is still under pressure and footwear remains in the wrong position during active movement. The effectiveness of this treatment method was observed only at the initial stages of the disease. Anti Inflammatory and analgesic ointments, creams, formulations Are able to eliminate inflammation and pain in the development of arthritis or bursitis, but do not eliminate the distortion of the toe and do not stop the progression of the disease. Massage, physiotherapy Have no independent value in the treatment of Valgustep Day, so they have no effect in eliminating deformation. They are used for pain relief and anti-inflammation of the joint. Surgery Unfortunately, for a long time it was the only effective way of treatment at any stage. Operation eliminates “bone” on the toe, but does not prevents its re-education in the future. Method of treatment is quite traumatic (the bone is cut, the protruding portion is removed), a painful, long recovery period. Leaves unsightly scars in foot after the treatment. Valgustep Day Sets the finger in its correct position and actually immobilizes (fixes) it in 24 hours a day, providing a pronounced therapeutic effect. The disease is no longer progressing, since human body weight is correctly distributed to the foot in the period of activity, and closed shoes are no longer provoking a further shift of the big toe outward. INSTITUTE OF ORTHOPAEDICS (GERMANY) RESEARCH OF VALGUSTEP DAY EFFICIENCY RESULTS: Wearing Valgustep Day by patients with initial forms of the disease had a positive effect, which is confirmed clinically and radiologically in 100% of cases. 68% of patients with II – III stages noted a significant decrease in deformity and a moderate decrease 0f 25%. Also 98% of the patients observed disappearance of pain and discomfort when walking. During Valgustep Day wearing none of the patients received a developing of arthritis, bursitis, inflammation or complication of valgus. CUSTOMER REVIEWS OF VAPGUS PRO PROTECTORS: The problem appeared in the institute 10 years ago I did not used to wear shoes with high heels at ALL, it seemed to me as if everyone was looking at my ugly feet. Moreover, I was scared of operations. So when I came across this protector I have bought immediately. After 3 months my toes became completely normal! I have never seen them in such normal condition before! Now I’m using protectors with high heel shoes, it’s very comfortable. I strongly recommend for everybody! Retainer just literally has saved me! Pain in the legs was terrible; I used to wear men’s shoes, hardly moving. As soon as I had begun wearing the protector I felt myself much better. No more limp. Now I am wearing women’s shoes and boots. I came back to life, no more no less! Very grateful to those, who came up with such a wonderful thing! I had received a platypodia diagnosis in my early childhood. Last year I just could not wear normal shoes and I was in a position obliged me to look decent. I active in looking for a solution, I met a podiatrist who had recommended these protectors. I used the silicone protector for 2 months and now I forget any problems with my joints, bones or toes! I feel great! Bent fingers become virtually invisible, which makes me very glad. Stops pain and inflammation for 10 days. Radically eliminates distortion – for 3-6 months!


valgustep day