GOJI CREAM BETTER THAN BOTOX. Makes your skin smooth and firm, Smoothes wrinkles and lifts the contours of your face, Protects skin from photo-ageing and environmental factors.

hendels garden goji cream

QUICK REMOVAL OF WRINKLES WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF RELAPSING USING GOJI CREAM. THE DIFFERENCES COMPARED TO THE TRADITIONAL SKIN SMOOTHING SYSTEMS. Usual wrinkles removal products act only on the surface areas of the skin. Therefore they are ineffective compared to Goji Cream. Goji Cream penetrates into deep skin layers, eliminates age-related skin transformations and participates in the important process of facial cells rejuvenation. Goji Cream quickly transforms the skin which lost elasticity. It becomes matte, glows from the inside and gets a natural ruddiness. It also moisturizes your skin and reduces wrinkles leaving it smooth and relaxed.


Effective rejuvenation Smoothed wrinkles, Comprehensive approach, Anti-ageing barrier. Facial cleansing Natural components, Gentle skin care, Elimination of clogged pores. Facial revitalization Cells’ renewal, Neutralization of toxins, Protection from UV radiation. How does Goji Cream work? Goji Cream contains a vitamin and mineral complex which takes care of all the changes associated with skin ageing. Vitamin A smoothes out wrinkles, vitamin C provides a healthy complexion, Vitamin K removes age-related pigmentation, while niacin normalizes blood circlulation and cleanses skin from toxins. Your skin remains fresh for many years to come! Goji Cream benefits. Fully natural composition of Goji Cream has been specially patented by Hendel. Goji Cream contains up to 7 times more vitamins and minerals than similar products. Innovative formula that helps to fight against the problems of withered skin is enriched with niacin and beta carotene which reduce the signs of skin ageing. The cream does not cause carotene yellowing, your skin receives all essential nutrients, preserving its natural colour. 1 Cleansing Before using Goji Cream clean your face with a face washer. 2 Application Apply Goji Cream on your face and evenly distribute it, avoiding the eye area. 3 Result Skin immediately becomes soft and supple and remains moisturized 24 hours a day. Clinically tested: Scientists have developed a new cosmetic product called Goji Cream, which allows fighting against the problems of aging skin fast and effectively. It consists of 100% natural plant components, which quickly smooth and lighten epidermis. For the first time taking care of withering skin has become a simple task. Anyone can accomplish it now! Goji Cream has passed all clinical trials and is recommended by world leading dermatologists. Skin looks far smoother and healthier, it is literally glowing! Real people. Real results. “Result which stunned me” “Goji Cream turned out a real godsend for me: just within two weeks of regular usage wrinkles were visibly smoothed, face contour lifted and my skin became firmer. Now I recommend it to everyone: do not be afraid to try this wonderful cream, it won’t disappoint you!” “Effect like a full surgical face lift” “I tried Goji Cream. I love experimenting with something new. I was surprised by the soft texture, the cream is quickly absorbed, it doesn’t leave oily traces and there’s no glistening. The effect can be easily compared to salon’s contour lifts. Two weeks – and my face became 10 years younger!” “Fresh skin after 50” “Recently my friend gifted me a tube of Goji Cream. Having tried it, I was completely transformed! My skin became tighter and refreshed, and fine lines vanished into thin air. Now I’m happy to see my reflection in the mirror”. Goji Cream Better than Botox. HESE UNATTRACTIVE IMPERFECTIONS: Wrinkles are skin ruts and folds. They emerge on your face, neck, arms, and other parts of the body. They appear due to the rupture and damage of connective elastic fiber – collagen and elastin. These two are the most important components of the human skin. WHAT CAUSES WRINKLES? WRINKLES ARE CAUSED MAINLY BY THE NEGATIVE IMPACT OF THE ENVIRONMENT ON THE SKIN. SOLAR RADIATION CAUSES PREMATURE AGEING OF SKIN STRUCTURES. Many external factors play an important role in process of wrinkles emerging on the human skin. For instance, prolonged exposure to sun and wind, sudden temperature fluctuations and excessive dryness and humidity as well as carelessly selected cosmetic products can produce detrimental effects on your epidermis. If you try to preserve your skin and keep it young and healthy you should take proper care and we can help you to do that. HOW CAN YOU TACKLE WRINKLES? INNOVATIVE FORMULA TO HANDLE WITHERING SKIN PROBLEMS. Most of the products used to eliminate wrinkles only focus on the manifestation of the problem. Unlike them, Goji Cream is made with innovative components and superior technology that not only allow to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and eliminate the transformations produced by age but also facilitate its regeneration and rejuvenation. INNOVATIVE DEVELOPMENTS MADE IN GERMANY. Wrinkles can be caused by a weakened immune system, by climate change, UV radiation, natural aging of the body, dehydration of the skin, use of inappropriate cosmetics and by incorrect techniques of face cleaning. Goji cream eliminates wrinkles regardless of the factor that causes them and solves the problem effectively. EFFECTIVE REMOVAL OF WRINKLES: BEFORE DURING AFTER PROTECTIVE PROPERTIES The product includes various ingredients which protect you from UV radiation and restore biologically active elements responsible for the restructuring of skin cells. DEEP PENETRATION By triggering natural production of collagen in the deep skin layers, Goji Cream helps to recover your elasticity and youthfull appearance in a a short period of time! GENTLY MOISTURIZING Your skin has to be moisturized without plugging pores or provoking unnecessary stimulation of skin glands. Goji Cream does not block the access of oxygen to the cells of the epidermis and it also improves blood micro-circulation in these areas. BALANCE NORMALIZATION The combination of cleansing, moisturizing and toning ingredients nourishes the skin medicinally, maintains a balanced functioning of the oily glands, and makes dehydration improbable. THE APPLICATION PROGRAMME EFFICACY It helps to prevent wrinkles from reemerging by enriching your face and neck skin with a broad range of vitamins, micro-elements, and amino acids. YOU WILL DEFEAT WRINKLES THE BEST SOLUTION FOR YOUR SKIN. Main ingredients The cream contains goji berries, lycopene, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, skin cells recovery-inducing elements, and a complex of minerals. Action Thanks to its very rich content, the cream facilitates a durable result – wrinkles do not reemerge, and there is no relapse. Facial and neck skin becomes smooth, elastic, toned up, and revitalized. Who is suitable for Goji Cream? All women, with any type of wrinkles from the thinnest lines to deepest ones. GIRLS WORLDWIDE RECOMMEND IT FEEDBACK ON GOJI CREAM: I always looked younger than my actual age which made me feel proud. After a disease, I was depressed and stopped taking care of myself. This paid its toll on my appearance. In order to support me, a friend of mine offered me a job at her firm. The work consisted in customer service and my appearance was importan. I needed a self-confidence boost and a quick change in terms of looking attractive and young. Goji cream fulfilled my wishes. Customers who I’m usually in touch with think that I’m now10 years younger than I actually am! It’s disappointing to see that so few people are giving any feedback. I have been using the cream/product for about a year and never regretted having bought it online. I am 54 years and wanted to look younger because of my husband who is 14 years younger. So my dear ladies, don’t spare money on yourself.

YOUTHFUL AND HEALTHY SKIN WITHOUT INJECTIONS AND EXPENSIVE SALONS. Finally an anti-aging cream that really works! up to 95% less wrinkles, up to 84% better skin hydration, up to 73% firmer skin.

hendels garden goji cream